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The Rejuv Touch
® Nurturing Presence

Burnham Systemssm is committed to professional and personal transformation by teaching a physical touch that is therapeutically and spiritually uplifting. For professionals already dedicated to meeting the deeper needs of their clients, this training inspires an awareness of the sacred and renewed sense of commitment to their work.

The quality of consciousness we bring to our work and to our lives is essential. Treatments given without reverence, inner connection or ongoing care will fail to deliver the promise of renewal offered to clients, as well as leave practitioners exhausted and depleted.

At the core of The Rejuv Touch® are the principles of Physical-Spiritual Medicine. The practitioners will be taught effective tools grounding a skilled touch in deep connectedness of heart, as well as new ways to replenish inner resources.

The manner in which we bring our hearts and hands to the "beauty-health-healing session" is the focus of this course. The excellence of touch, an awareness of the sacred and the commitment to conscious presence blend to take individual work to a new level. Additional training can custom tailor any spa treatment to this new excellence and effectiveness with The Rejuv Touch®.


The Spa Lilysm Nurturing Touch

Regardless of the service or treatment being offered, a client's transition from daily consciousness into the deeper states of relation, which enables a treatment to be effective, must occur within the first few moments.

The Spa Lily provides two sequences that allow clients to sink into deep states of rest within minutes. These sequences take stillness to the core of being with a tender touch. Stillness grounded in skilled touch reinforces the capacity for rest and renewal.

The Cradle Hold Sequence sustains the client in a still Presence providing deep rest. The Nerve Center Sequence gently activates centers on the head and "reflexively" initiates revitalizing energy flows throughout the body. With the addition of the warm herbal wraps, fragrant with healing essences, inner and outer calm is restored.

Each sequence can be incorporated into any spa treatment enhancing its effectiveness and deepening the transformational experience for both the client and the practitioner. As a complete protocol in and of itself, The Spa Lily is a luxurious necessity in the midst of a hectic day.


Spa SinusWisesm Nurturing Application

Today, we are facing higher levels of environmental pollution, toxicity and allergens than ever before. Spa SinusWise uses a head reflexology protocol of key points located on the face and head that can quickly assist in the drainage of toxins from the body. This sequence allows the healing energies to flow to the cause of congestion: dilating capillaries, easing stress on the organs of elimination and draining the lymph. The client's relief is palpable.

Spa SinusWise is taught both as an adjunct to other spa treatments and as a full treatment in itself. This course blends physiology, anatomy, herbs and nutrition with an understanding of the respiratory system and its integration within the whole-body system. The gentle and powerful WiseBodysm Therapeutic touch can release specific discomfort and distress in both acute and chronic complaints.

Whether your clients have long term sinus problems or you notice acute distress during a regular session (facial, body wrap, deep tissue massage, stress, lymph or detox treatment) Spa SinusWise is a gentle and effective addition to the treatment.


Rejuv Spa Basicssm The Geometry of Beauty

Created exclusively for spas and salons, this 60-minute protocol is often described as "a week's vacation in an hour" This blending of stillness with motion is a unique addition to an ongoing menu of services, taking wellness into beauty.

The art of Rejuvenation now joins the technology of beauty initiating deep integration and regeneration. Practitioners learn to sculpt the face, neck, and shoulders to uplift, expand and refresh physical and energetic pathways.

Rejuv Spa Basicssm restores inner balance allowing each client's personal expression of beauty to emerge. The practitioner is taught unique positions of stillness and movement creating a precise geometry that weaves bones, muscles, nerves and skin into a relaxed, flowing redefinition of facial features. This process not only changes people's faces, it changes people's lives.


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