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WiseBody TherapeuticsSM offers powerful tools for health-care professionals and lay people alike. Simple, effective touch sequences bring individual organ systems into balance (physically and energetically) assisting the whole person into greater health, vitality, and spiritual balance. Each class focuses on the physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual functions of the organ or system. Using this multi-dimensional approach, information on physiology and anatomy, herbs and nutrition becomes practical knowledge on how to address aches, pains, illnesses and daily challenges.

With hands-on demonstration, instruction and exchanges, students experience the gentle and powerful touch sequences. WiseBody TherapeuticsSM is rooted in the ancient art of full-body reflexology releasing discomfort in specific areas or body-wide distress. The WiseBody health protocols combine commonsense alternative herbal and nutritional information with original formulas to address chronic and acute conditions and to maintain general well-being.

WiseBody Therapeutic Seminars can be taken as a 2-day class covering an individual system.

A BodyWisdom Course

Studied as single classes WiseBody TherapeuticsSM provide in-depth information and experience in one area. Taken as a series, they present a journey through the body and its integrated inter-dependent functions teaching stewardship of the whole being, A BodyWisdom Course. Each class offers simple but profound techniques to be used as self-help and to support family and friends. Health-care professionals can incorporate the work into their on-going body-work practices or use the full protocols as independent sessions. The complete series can include but is not limited to the following systems and can be presented in 4 and 6-day formats:


        LungWiseSM & HeartWiseSM
        Circulate the Inspiration

        StomachWiseSM & ColonWiseSM
        Letting It In and Letting It Go
        LiverWiseSM & PancreasWiseSM
        Detox and Own the Goodness
        KidneyWiseSM & Fluid Flows
        Our Living Waters
        SinusWiseSM & BoneWiseSM
        Dancing Skeleton
        GlandWiseSM & ChakraWiseSM
        Stepping into the Cosmic Dance


Depending on the class size and the natural pace of the group, we will present the following modules in 6-day intensives over the course of 18 months:


The Respiratory System - Inspiration for Body and Mind

This Intensive focuses on the whole respiratory system combining a simple range of tools with a deeper understanding of the intimate and complex connection of head, sinus and lungs - the structures of the breath of life. We will review the anatomy of the breathing mechanisms from nose to lungs and the processes of the intake of oxygen and prana. The Respiratory System, on a multi-dimensional approach, addresses issues of grounding Light on a cellular level - inspiration at our core - and the essential nature of our ?choice to live? with each breath we take.


SinusWiseSM and LungWiseSM therapeutic protocols and touch sequences are instrumental in maintaining vibrancy and health as well as to address specific disharmonies. Both can be used to rebalance and heal acute and chronic conditions, to break up congestion - of mind and body, to aid drainage and to encourage healing throughout the whole body during incidences of:

        • Colds
        • Flus
        • Allergies
        • Asthma
        • Headaches
        • Sinusitis
        • Bronchitis
        • Environmental Illnesses

SinusWiseSM teaches a hands-on reflexology protocol of key points on the face and head. Successful drainage of the congestion in the head can move toxins out of the body, allowing the healing energies to flow to the causes of the congestion, that can actually be body-wide.


LungWiseSM continues where SinusWiseSM leaves off, using key reflex points on the chest, back, shoulders and feet. These sequences free the lungs of congestion aiding the free flow of breath, thus oxygen, to the cellular level. They dilate capillaries (body-wide) easing stress on all the organs of elimination. LungWiseSM touch sequences can also have a dramatically positive effect on the heart and its ease of function as well.


The Digestive System - Nourishment for Body and Soul

This Intensive will be presented in 2 6-day sessions to include a foundational understanding of the delicate balance between the primary organs (stomach and intestines) and secondary organs (liver and pancreas) of digestion, assimilation, detoxification and elimination. We will focus on the whole digestive process and review the physiological functions of the organs and their inter-dependent nature. We will look at the ways we can assist the smooth processing of our food - on all levels - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual - our whole life experience.


StomachWiseSM, ColonWiseSM, LiverWiseSM, and PancreasWiseSM are used to - insure maximum uptake of nourishment, support the detoxification process and aid proper elimination. Each system will focus on a slightly different aspect of digestion as we study the physical and multi-level components of the organs. All the therapeutic, digestive protocols and touch sequences provide guidelines and techniques for health maintenance as well as support to strengthen and heal digestive distress from chronic and acute conditions of both body and mind.


        • Indigestion • Protein Digestion • Liver Overload
        • Colitis & Illitis • Allergies • Diabetes
        • Gall Bladder Distress • Ulcers • Fat & Oil Management
        • Hypoglycemia • Irritable Bowel Syndrome • Environmental Illnesses

StomachWiseSM addresses the processing and digestion of food - and life itself - through the physical and emotional stomach. From holiday indigestion, gut reactions and butterflies in stomachs, digestive stress can be eased with simple and profound techniques and protocols. Beginning with the first chew and continuing through the stomach?s preparations of food for assimilation, StomachWiseSM provides hands-on relief for mechanical as well as bio-chemical distress. Through these protocols the entire digestive track is supported to maintain on-going health and wellness. Being able to ?stomach? the challenges of life gets easier.


ColonWiseSM continues from the stomach through to the anus, including both the small intestines, where assimilation takes place, and the colon, a major avenue of elimination. Colon distress can put the entire body at risk. The gentle ColonWiseSM sequences can relieve constipation, help eliminate morbid matter, heal chronic conditions and help maintain the healthy functioning of the intestines. These protocols assists the smooth movement of energy throughout the body. It can aid the daily process of selection: what is essential or non-essential to our life, then support the assimilation and elimination moment by moment of each choice.


LiverWiseSM supports the detoxification process body-wide. The liver is constantly cleaning our blood of internal metabolic wastes and of the unhealthy materials we inhale, ingest and touch in the course of a day. Thus the liver allows refreshment at a cellular level, revitalizing our choices to live in clarity and wholeness. LiverWiseSM offers the liver, with its far-reaching and complex functions, support to cleanse and heal itself as it cleanses and heals the body as a whole. Hands-on reflex points relieve liver congestion. Processing an array of our ?heavier? emotions, the liver is well served by the gentle and supportive protocols.


PancreasWiseSM helps with the assimilation of the sweetness of life. As both a digestive organ and an endocrine gland, the pancreas bridges our ability to ground ourselves cellularly and live in life?s wonder and joy. In a real, practical way, it gives us a physical foundation by digesting protein allowing us to sustain the higher frequencies of harmony and sweetness, as it balances our sugar levels. These protocols address the dual nature of the pancreas since an imbalance in one function impairs the balance of the other.

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