"Remember the feeling as a child
when you woke up and morning smiled.
It's time, it's time,
it's time you felt like that again."
~ Carole King ~

Burnham SystemsSM Facial Rejuvenation (BSFR) is a skilled, hands-on sculpting of the face, neck, and shoulders combined with the ageless healing arts of head reflexology and nerve rejuvenation, that awakens your beauty and renews the inner self. While redefining facial features through a carefully developed system of patterned strokes and energetic touch sequences, twelve major nerve centers on the head are activated, and "reflexively" activate centers and healing flows throughout the whole body. This work's most important concepts - presence, loving intentionality, trust and cellular communication - allow your understanding of energy to deepen to a new level of expertise: how energy works, how to move it, and how to create the space for transformational change: physically, emotionally, and spiritually. This process not only changes people's faces, it changes people's lives, including the lives of those who do the Rejuv work.

Professional training program (500 hours) in four phases leads to Certification as a Burnham SystemsSM Facial Rejuvenation practitioner. Dr. Burnham has certified professionals since 1984. This training aids deep inner work while simultaneously offering the skills for a commercially viable profession through a profound transformational healing modality.

Phase I and II: 4-day Intensive

This 32-hour class is open to all: professional body and energy workers, practitioners of body/mind medicine, estheticians, novice healers, or caring friends and is the pre-requisite for professional certification Phase III & IV. Phase I and II are taught nationwide.
      Phase I: Training in the Basics is the hands-on introduction to the fundamentals of the Burnham Systems Facial RejuvenationSM - The Rejuv Touch. Basic strokes, location and uses of the twelve major facial nerve centers, and a foundation in energetic healing principles are taught as a complete rejuvenation process.

      Phase II: Training in Minor Miracles deepens your trust in yourself and in the process. The Basics are expanded and refined. New strokes and sequences are added offering more skilled precision to the work on all areas of the face, neck and shoulders. Focus shifts to creating rejuvenation and regenerating energy flows throughout the entire body. The potency of the Rejuv work becomes transformational. Phase I is the pre-requisite.

Phase III and IV: Certification and Internship
      Phase III: Certification Intensive is a 21-day training where the deepest inner work combines with the graceful mastery of the entire Rejuv process. Syllabus highlights include extensive and expanded Rejuv techniques, holistic study of skin, liver and colon as organs of detoxification, energetic healing principles, whole body herbal healing aids and successful business building modules.

      Phase IV: Internship and Graduation following a 6-18 month internship, students return for a 9-day refinement, evaluation, and graduation process. This is where confident students grow in trust of themselves and their skills, and become BSFR Certified Practitioners.

Brochures on Rejuv and Information Packets on Professional Certification are available from the office.
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Location of Classes:
      Training in Basics and Minor Miracles - seminars taught nationwide.
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Pricing for all Phases:
      Basics (Phase I) $ 295
      Miracles (Phase II) $350
      Basics & Miracles Intensive $590
      Certification & Graduation (Phase III & IV) $ 4200

      (For all course in Santa Fe, add 6.4375% state tax.)

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