Dr. Linda Burnham
as Teacher/Facilitator


Linda Burnham, N. D., is the director of Burnham System Studies and creator of 3 distinct systems of specialty bodywork: Burnham System Facial Rejuvenation, Burnham Systems WiseBody Therapeutics Series, and A BodyWisdom Course Regeneration from the Inside Out. Dr. Burnham has used her lifetime of personal transformation and diverse clinical experience, in-depth training as a naturopathic physician and in complimentary medicine, to synthesize her experience into a useable philosophy and practical application of Physical-Spiritual Medicine.

As a gifted teacher, she believes the most important thing any of us can learn is who we are: physically, emotionally, mentally, energetically and spiritually. "Who we are is what we have to give to ourselves, to our loved ones, and to our planet. Becoming fully present to who we are, is what we have to share and why we're here."

Her focus as an ordained minister, as well as a physician, is on the transformational experience that is available to each student as they unravel who they are in the safety of her classroom. Her capacity to enliven students with information on anatomy, physiology, vibrational medicine, herbistry, nutrition, specialty massage and reflexology is matched only by her willingness to hold a container of loving intentionally as she demonstrates what she teaches.

Her unique specialty bodywork modalities have been developed and nurtured for many years and have been influenced by many exceptional healers, healing modalities and transformational experiences. Beginning in 1978, she was a co-founding faculty member of the Center of the Light (a highly regarded healing institute in the Berkshire Mountains, USA, in operation throughout the 80's). Her commitment to health through the practical and effective use of food and herbs was strengthen as the owner/founder of Weeds of Worth, Ltd., an herbal preparations company, for 15 years. Her career in the healing arts, began when her theatrical training demanded “more than her body could give.” Linda combined personal growth with professional training - Upledger Cranial Sacral Therapy, Well-Spring Alignment Process, licensed massage therapist (American Massage Therapy Association), Guided Imagery and Music through I.C.M., Psychosynthesis, Hendricks body/breath psychotherapeutic process, Neuro Linguistic Programming -to mention a few. Currently, she incorporates the healing and therapeutic use of music and the creative arts in much of her private work. Dr. Burnham has guided many seminars and workshops on spiritual and holistic approaches to health and wellness over 25 years.

Dr. Burnham's expertise combines to create programs that are diverse and practical for both the professional body-worker and the layperson. She is a highly respected authority in the holistic health field.


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