Touch and Be Touched

When you participate in any of the Burnham Systems training programs, you enter into a transformative journey - a journey into Physical-Spiritual Medicine and The Rejuv Touch. You grow in body, mind, heart and spirit as you expand your knowledge of the energetics of health and regeneration for yourself and others. You develop a transformative touch learning to reweave the body's energetic and physical systems into synergistic alignment. You awaken your intuitive connection to the innate wisdom of your own body. You find the grace to touch and be touched.

The Burnham Systems programs have attracted students of deep spiritual committment for over 20 years. Both instructors and students are trained to witness, understand and allow the natural healing process to unfold in each session - as giver and receiver. This is the core of Burnham Systems Studies course work. Whether you are a practitioner or layperson, whether your committment is to a weekend or to a certification program, Burnham System Studies has a program to expand your skills and nurture your being.

"I want people to have an experience of personal healing and spiritual transformation that they can use in their daily life. Simple tools at their fingertips. Tools that are grounded in loving intentionality, deep connectedness of heart and used with an awareness of the sacred. I want to create the safest possible place for people to do the work of their own heart - the real journey of self-knowing and becoming, the essence of Physical / Spiritual Medicine."
- Dr. Linda Burnham -


The Burnham Systems NATURAL FACE-LIFT
10-Day Professional Certification

NCBTMB-80 CE available

Clarity Wellness Spa Milford, CT (1.5 hrs from NYC)
November 7-16, 2014

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Make your touch potent, nurturing and transformative.

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