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As I age gracefully into my 70’s, I am still eager to participate with the stuff of the world:  physical stuff, food and fun stuff, political stuff, environmental stuff, financial stuff, family stuff, relationship stuff, physical-spiritual stuff, etc. Thus this new and exciting venture…

I came to a realization about my healing work, the tools and solutions I used in the 70’s and the modalities and protocols I created in the 80’s — All still work!!! In our ever more complex and changing world, it’s reassuring to have simple whole and holy Solutions to provide consistent support and relief.

What changed?

Health and fitness have gone mainstream. The packaging and sourcing for the herbal aids and supplements have gone on-line. The amount of information and access to nutritional guidelines, body-work modalities and energetic tools is often overwhelming and contradictory.

What stayed the same?

My primary focus has always been on wellness: an elusive concept where each individual defines their unique and specific life of wellness. My unique body-work and healing protocols created “Physical Medicine” taught through the WiseBody TherapeuticsSM System (professional certification, individual classes). The sacred geometry of my head-work and healing protocols created “Spiritual Medicine” taught through Facial RejuvneationSM System (professional certification, individual classes).

It gives me great pleasure to create a format to offer you,
the BEST of 50 years of
teaching, researching, working and consulting!!!

Your Medicine Chest newsletters and blogs will provide tools and solutions to use daily, as needed, or to bring out in a crisis. They will make a difference. All the information and suggestions have been (actually) used and re-used for years, on myself and by others – students and clients!! These are tools to have at YOUR fingertips. As always, I’m available for phone consultations on all your to assist you on your quest for spiritual and physical solutions.

I want you to know what I know – I will share some of my favorite herbs, tools, solutions or protocols that you can use immediately. Content will vary and include health, beauty, spiritual practice, food, herbs, nutrition, healing tools and cutting edge research. I will keep sending notifications on Your Medicine Chest as I schedule events and on-line classes and webinars.

I searched for ways to extend this information to many of you for years. With the weariness and cost of travel for classes and workshops for all of us and the increasing ease of webinars and blogs, my new website will make this a breeze. I am excited because I know what I want to share. Let me know what you want to hear. Please share these e-News and Blog with everyone you know!

Burnham Systems Studies

Linda Burnham, N.D.

Linda’s health protocols and healing rituals combine her personal transformational experiences with her extensive knowledge of the body and an awareness of the sacred. As the founder and creator of Burnham Systems Studies and Physical/Spiritual MedicineSM, she has developed several in-depth healing programs for both professionals and lay-people. She has professionally trained and certified Burnham Systems Facial RejuvenationSM and WiseBody TherapeuticsSM practitioners internationally for over 45 years.

Her current offerings include spiritually transformative experiences, Sacred SojournsSM, in New Mexico, on the land and in the thermal waters. For more information on Sacred SojournsSM, go to the website.

She is the author of The Natural Face-Lift: A Facial Touch Program
for Rejuvenating Body and Spirit

Burnham Systems Studies

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