Oh! The Joys of Cleansing
with Linda Burnham, N.D. – TBA

Programs to Renew yourself – Body, Mind, and Soul



Times of renewal, times without solid food, have been a healing staple of my life since I was 20 years old. Commonly referred to as cleansing or detoxing in the world of holistic health, I have used this process to give my “appetites” a rest, take the detox load off my body when I have a cold or flu, build up my immune system to ready for the winter or to prepare for a spiritual journey – inward or outward. There are numerous reasons that I have wanted renewal of body, mind, and soul at various times of my life. And renewal is what this process gives me, as well as attunement to myself, and deeper self-awareness of all levels of my being.

I am writing this on the 8th day of a ten-day fresh vegetable juice fast – that includes a combination of homemade chicken broth, homemade potassium broth, and various herbal teas that I drink throughout the day. I will end in two days with a liver/gallbladder cleanse. After the entire process is completed, I will slowly reintroduce solid food and celebrate the holidays with joy in the luxury of choice in food moderation (I really do not need two helpings of mashed potatoes and gravy.)

My methods of renewal change throughout the year, depending on the season and on my body/spirit needs. I experiment with new “fads” to see if they are truly effective or not, and why. I rely on the tried and true cleanses that have served people well for sixty years or more. When my time schedule is limited, I create customized cleansing renewal options that support me with steady, gentle nourishment and replenishment of a specific level of being.

My ” level of being “ concept is spelled out in my book, The Natural Face-lift, a Facial Touch Program for Rejuvenating your Body and Spirit. The concept is simple. Each one of us is comprised of physical, energetic, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. All of these levels interpenetrate each other, impact each other, support each other … or drag the other levels down into disharmony.

So a personal plan for renewal is multi-leveled. When I begin a “cleanse” for an organ system for a specific reason, I soon find myself more attuned to who I am, what I do, what I really need on a deeper level. My intuition is heightened, so I actually know and give myself what I need and want. It is amazing…and has served me beautifully during the last 49 years.

I am ready to share my Programs of Renewal with you – individually or in a group, supported by live video chats through Zoom or in residence here in Santa Fe, or a combination of both. Throughout the year, we will rotate focus on the colon, liver/gallbladder, stomach, kidneys, lungs, immune system, blood and glands, in other words the whole body. The truth is that any renewal program, cleanse or detox, will begin the rejuvenation of your body’s functions on all levels. All levels energetically interpenetrate and impact each other. More health and wholeness in one organ system allows all the other organ systems to rise in function and vibration. That is just the way it works!

The renewal “cleanse” can be in the energetic, emotional, mental, spiritual bodies or a combination of these. We can cleanse and renew on a personal chakra level, in your home or work place, for a geographical area, a challenging situation, or for relationships. Knowing how to assess and deal with the complex issues of the times we live in is becoming increasingly essential to ones health and wellbeing. All of these levels will be addressed in our sessions together. Zoom-In sessions, with registration for the individual module, will be recorded for you.

I am creating this program now – drawing on all my experience and on current research. Any program I create can be altered for you and your unique lifestyle and concerns. Additionally, outside of the group program, individual work together can begin anytime you decide you are ready and desire change and renewal in your life.

I will keep you posted with the dates, times, and focused topics of the Renewal Program and its modules, through my Mailchimp newsletters. The email subject title will be Renewal. Please feel free to contact me with your questions or concerns. Once the program is ready for 2019, you can register on this registration page.

I am offering this program so each person who participates will become more aware of the dynamics of health in their body, feelings and thoughts that influence their lifestyle and choices. I want them to know how to bring new vitality to all levels of their being.

I invite you to JOIN me in 2019

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