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Linda Burnham Studies PhilosophyMy Philosophy

Physical-Spiritual MedicineSM entices us to develop our innate, intuitive relationship with our body and its inherent wisdom. The body is the hologram, the grounding point of all we are – spiritual, energetic, emotional, mental and physical. The body has a miraculous ability to carry all aspects of us into manifestation and we have a miraculous ability to steward its care and growth with knowledge from the inside out. All the Burnham Systems programs explore the principals of natural healing through the body’s multi-dimensionality.

At their core, the programs delve into the structures of light and energy that ground us as divine beings into miraculous human bodies and into ways of sustaining health and wholeness on all levels. We learn what works towards wholeness and what works against it and how to maximize the vitality of the whole body and whole being naturally. With a slightly different focus, each class ultimately teaches us how to care for ourselves – body, mind and spirit with attention, presence, loving intentionality and generosity of spirit.

Key to the depth of the trainings is an understanding and demonstration of nurturing presence and nurturing touch and how these qualities reweave energetic and physical systems into a synergistic alignment. When deep, multi-leveled relaxation is facilitated, the innate wisdom of the body naturally initiates and sustains a process of regeneration. An inner alignment emerges, as cellular crystallizations and contractions dissolve and the energies are released “into the flow” of health. All students are trained to witness, understand and allow for this natural healing process to unfold. Deep connectedness of heart and an awareness of the sacred is required of both instructors and students as they use these techniques with skill and loving intentionality. This is the core of transformational bodywork presented by Linda Burnham, N.D.