Sacred Sojourns in Santa Fe:
The Dances – Seasonal TBA


San Ildefonso Dance and Feast Day Sojourn
: Monday, January 20 – Friday, Januray 24



During my first five or six years of living in Santa Fe, I attended the yearly cycles of Native Dances at every Pueblo in Northern New Mexico. I found my favorites – the Dances and the Pueblos that moved my heart and gave me gifts of the Earth, as well as introducing me to the Pueblo people’s wise commitment to Her. The beating drums reverberate in my bones. The Earth Herself lodges more deeply in my conscious soul. Respect and reverence are the gifts given to me, for the Earth and for those who have continued to love Her, bless Her, and support Her with their prayers and life force.

One of my favorite ways to assist people with their growth and transformation is to provide unique experiences of this sacred land and the differing indigenous cultures. Over the years, I have watched everyone benefit from the opening of their personal intuitions, the strengthening of their beliefs in themselves and their choices. I revel in supporting each and every one of you as your choices refine in the potent energies of Grace in this high desert land.

I am offering Sacred Sojourns -The Dances. These revolve around the Pueblo Dances that I love and that inspire awe within me.

I invite you to JOIN me in 2020.

Burnham Systems Studies

Linda Burnham, N.D.

Linda’s health protocols and healing rituals combine her personal transformational experiences with her extensive knowledge of the body and an awareness of the sacred. As the founder and creator of Burnham Systems Studies and Physical/Spiritual MedicineSM, she has developed several in-depth healing programs for both professionals and lay-people. She has professionally trained and certified Burnham Systems Facial RejuvenationSM and WiseBody TherapeuticsSM practitioners internationally for over 45 years.

Her current offerings include spiritually transformative experiences, Sacred SojournsSM, in New Mexico, on the land and in the thermal waters. For more information on Sacred SojournsSM, go to the website.

She is the author of The Natural Face-Lift: A Facial Touch Program
for Rejuvenating Body and Spirit

Burnham Systems Studies

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